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Sustainable Heritage


Sustainable Heritage Conservation is a consultancy promoting sustainable care of heritage sites and collections.

We offer a comprehensive service in the management and care of individual objects, museum collections and historic interiors, and the spaces in which they are housed. Through working partnerships with architects, engineers, curators and conservators we offer a holistic approach to the delivery of heritage preservation.

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Heritage Consultancy

Environmental Management

We care passionately about the preservation of personal keepsakes, museum collections, historic interiors, and the buildings in which they are housed. Buildings act as a protective envelope around the collections, protecting them from the vagaries of the external climate. Artefacts, collections and historic interiors need ongoing maintenance and care in order to ensure their preservation. Through good preventive conservation and collection care practice they are kept for many generations to come.

We offer:

conservation design and planning for new projects


improvement of existing museums and stores

incorporation of sustainable principles

application of current BS and PAS standards

We strongly believe in a sustainable approach, ensuring financially, socially and environmentally sound solutions. Heat, dampness, dryness, mould, light and UV can cause damage to your building, interiors and collections. Our approach balances the need for environmental control with the desire for responsible use of energy and a reduction in carbon emissions. As distributors of Hanwell monitoring and control systems we provide the tools and equipment to monitor and manage the environment and the energy used for this. We supply:

Environmental monitoring - temperature, RH, Lux, UV

Utility monitoring - electricity, gas, water

Humidistat controlled environments


Data analysis service

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