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Sustainable Heritage


Core Services

Advice, surveys and health-checks on any collection care aspect

Collection Condition Audits

Conservation liaison between clients and project professionals

HLF project design, management and Conservation Management Planning

Policy development

Design, supply and commissioning of Hanwell monitoring systems

Corporate training and 1-on-1 coaching


Abbotsford House

Project Collections management

With LDN Architects and Harley Haddow

National Trust for Scotland

Hanwell install, calibration and reports

With Gille Young and Helen Spencer

Moray Art Centre

Environmental advice

Renaissance Bolton

Delivery of Collections Care training

Dunfermline Museum

Conservation Management Plan

With Will Murray

Heritage Consultancy

Collection management and care are essential for the long term preservation of objects, collections and heritage interiors.

Sustainable Heritage Conservation has wide-ranging experience in all aspects of collection care, including environmental control and monitoring, storage, display, general handling and care, pest control programmes and emergency planning.

Advice is available on current best practice and compliance with Museum Accreditation and PAS requirements.

We offer input in projects for refurbishment, extensions or new-build, from design stage through to completion. Integration of collection care is ensured through the development of briefs and specifications. Our role on design teams during project implementation ensures that collections are fully represented throughout the process, and collection care is applied to the required standards and specifications.

Environmental Management

Control of the indoor environment is an essential part of collections management and care. Sustainable Heritage Conservation specialises in the provision of appropriate environmental conditions for museum collections and historic interiors. Temperature, humidity, visible light and ultraviolet radiation need to be measured and maintained at the correct levels.

As the sole Scottish distributors of Hanwell equipment to the heritage sector, we provide the systems and the know-how to control and manage your collection environment in a sustainable way.

We prioritise the provision of environmental control through passive means before exploring the application of active control solutions.

We advise on the design of sustainable control methods, and supply equipment to run humidistat controlled conservation heating, humidification and dehumidification.

Scottish Borders Council

Hanwell install, calibration and training